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How To Create The Perfect Master Bedroom

You spend about a third of your life in bed, so why WOULDN’T you want to make your main bedroom the best possible version of itself it can be? 1. Start By Picking Out Your Master Bedroom Linen This might sound strange, but by deciding on a colour palette for your bed linen first, you…

Tips & Tricks For Creating Your Perfect Floor Plan

Our best advice is to plan, plan, plan! Don’t Just Recreate Your Old Home Really LOOK at the space you have, and consider what works now, but also what will work later on. Its important to plan for the future. Planning is the most critical and important part of the design process and everything else…

The Top 16 Bathroom Trends of 2019

With the main bathroom’s revealed last night on The Block, we wanted to help you discover the major bathroom trends for 2019. Whether you’re just updating your styling pieces, or about to design and build your dream home, here is some great modern inspiration. 1. Rain Showers Who doesn’t love a rain shower? As you…

How To Choose A Splashback For Your White Kitchen

When selecting a splashback colour and material, consider not just the various elements in your kitchen, but the colours and finishes in adjoining rooms too. We always reiterate to our clients the importance of a balanced, cohesive look. Our decades of experience as a Wagga builder have continuously shown us just how important the flow of your home is.

Built-In Vs. Freestanding Baths

As if you don’t have enough decisions to make for your bathroom design, the range of bath designs available is mind-boggling. The choice between freestanding and built-in is one that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly – get it wrong, and you’ll have to live with it for many years. Freestanding baths can be a scene-stealing feature,…

Top Tips For Running Your Home Appliances More Efficiently

It is important to be mindful about how you are running your major appliances not only for the good of the environment, but to save you money in the long run. This is especially true in Winter, as we all turn to appliances that don’t get as much of a workout in Summer. Here are…

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