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The Home Loan market has become very confusing lately with the explosion of new lenders and home loan brokers. There is a huge range of loan options available and finding out which one is the best for you and your situation requires much consideration and planning.

Some questions to consider include:

  • Are you a first home buyer?
  • Have you owned property before?
  • Are you employed?
  • Are you single? Married? Family?
  • Do you have a deposit?
  • Are you self-employed?

All these questions can affect your loan options. Online calculators are a great starting point so you can start doing your research.  Home Loan Calculators are indicative only.

Hurst Homes Loan Rates and Finance Loan Ideas - Architectural Design Homes in Wagga

This means that the figures presented are only an idea of what you can borrow. Sometimes you may be able to borrow more than what the calculator tells you. We recommend seeing your bank or financial institution to get the best finance loan idea of how much you can borrow. The steps involved with getting a home loan vary greatly depending upon your current situation. Hurst Homes’ best advice is to start looking around at various options to see which one fits you the best.

Contact your current bank or financial institution and see what they can offer you. It is important to meet with them to not only find out your current finance situation, but they can also help you with budgets to achieve your financial goals.


*We are not financiers nor can we recommend them. This information is provided as a guide only.

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